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  • Halo iphone app and tablet showing camera feed

    Halo is a user friendly DIY alarm system that offers you security and home monitoring.

     "While on holiday, I got

    an SMS when my neighbour

    accidentally triggered my

    home alarm system"   

    Monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world and view camera images to your PC or smartphone.

  • Monitor your home from anywhere in the world

    By harnessing the power of the internet, Halo gives you the ability to manage and control your home remotely, and via a single, simple online account. Halo will alert you, in real time, to events including intruder alarms, fire, flood, panic and much, much more.

  • Halo wireless, self-install products for your home security system include: Key pad entry, key fob entry, motion detectors, flood and smoke detectors, wireless cameras, sirens and panic buttons

    A complete, customisable DIY alarm system

    Your Halo products are wireless, easy to install and interoperable, which means that you can create and tailor a home network to suit your needs. Choose from any of the products avaliable in the Halo range to enable home security monitoring, care for vulnerable loved ones and more.

    Click here to view the Halo product range...

  • The Halo online account enables you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world, view cameras streaming video, monitor vulnerabe loved ones and ensure complete home security with a secure burglar alarm system

    Easily monitor your home from anywhere in the world

    From intruder alerts, to care for the elderly, to helping you save money on your utility bills the Halo monitoring services can give you a tailored home monitoring solution specific to your needs.

    Benefits of the services include alert notification by SMS, email, landline call and even your Twitter account plus access and control of your account anywhere in the world via your PC or smart phone.

  • The Halo Starter Kit, complete wireless, self-install, DIY, home security in a box with the option to upgrade to monitored services, add additional products and care for every aspect of your home and family.

    So how do you get started with the Halo system?

    The Halo system makes creating your connected home easy. The starter kit provides a complete home security solution which can be configured and upgraded.

    With the Halo system installed you can easily add additional services and functionality to monitor and control any aspect of your home or your family.


Three easy steps to a connected home

Halo is all you need for a connected home, a place where your security devices, care sensors and even video cameras communicate wirelessly and can be monitored and controlled using a single, simple user interface - your online Halo home monitoring account.  Whether at home or on the go, securely access your account from your PC or smart phone.

Step 1.  Your products...

The first step towards setting up your connected home is choosing your products. Whether you want a simple DIY alarm system, a wireless camera to check up on your home or a care package to keep an eye on loved ones, the Halo products will work together to give you what you need. 

Halo products are all self-install, wireless and quick and easy to set up, so getting your connected home couldn't be simpler. 

Step 2.  Your service...

The ability to monitor and control your products remotely using the Halo services adds value to your products. Register your products to your secure online account and you can monitor your home, view camera images and much, much more from your PC or smart phone. 

Your Halo monitoring service is truly customisable, to find out more about the Halo monitoring services click here.  

Step 3.  Your connected home...

So you've got your Halo products set up and you've registered for your services, what does this mean for you?

  • 24/7 monitoring and control
  • Complete home security
  • Live video and recordings from your wireless security camera
  • Care for your elderly relatives and children
  • Remote access via PC and smart phone
  • Real time alerts via SMS, landline, email and even Twitter
  • Multiple contacts to alert neighbours to check your property

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Getting started

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